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The internal waterproofing system is used for many reasons, for example, the exterior foundation wall is not accessible. If exterior waterproofing is not in your budget, then interior waterproofing can be quick solution to leaks caused by foundation cracks.


Barakah`s interior waterproofing method:

  • The concrete floor is broken along the perimeter of the foundation wall approx. 10” out from the basement wall.

  • Concrete is removed and a trench is dug out to accommodate a 4-inch perforated weeping tile with filter screening.

  • The weeping tile is installed and connected to a discharge source such as a floor drain or a sump pump.

  • Then a dimpled sheet of drainage membrane (Delta MS) is installed along the interior of the basement wall up to grade level.

  • A layer of ¾ clear gravel is installed over the weeping tile to create maximum drainage to the tile.

  • Once the membrane and gravel is in place, it will allow any water from above grade or below grade to drain to the weeping tile and into the discharge source.

  • A new layer of concrete is installed over the trench with a trowel finish, matching the existing cement floor level.

  • Once completed, you will be provided with a receipt and a fully transferable lifetime warranty certificate.

Foundation Cracks

A wet basement is caused by water leaking through cracks in the foundation of your home. These can be sealed with an adhesive from the hardware store, however it’s a Band-Aid solution that will inevitably deteriorate. Also, foundation cracks will continue to grow, which can compromise the structural integrity of your home. A Bituthene membrane allows water to safely drain into a weeping tile, then flow away from your home. The membrane will limit further water damage as well as preserve the foundation, saving you thousands in repairs.

Although interior waterproofing can be helpful in fighting back against leaks, the superior solution is exterior waterproofing. It’s more expensive because it requires excavating around the exterior of your home for the installation of a drainage membrane and a weeping tile. By making the initial investment in exterior waterproofing, you ensure there will not be another leak in the future, while also preserving the value of your home and any renovations you undertaken.

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