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Underpinning Services

Let`s Explore Barakah Underpinning

Underpinning is a two-fold winner. First, it creates added height to your existing foundation, which in turn adds 100% usable living space to your basement. Second, underpinning adds positive value to your existing home, also giving your home an added selling feature for re-sale.

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What considerations come into play to decide that your home’s foundation can benefit from the construction process of underpinning? The response is twofold. It is either necessary to stabilize structural problems that have developed or it is desirable to meet a whole wish list of living space and economic requirements. Let’s consider these situations individually.

Foundation wall underpinning becomes a necessity when the existing foundation is shifting so dramatically and substantially that it is unable to safely support the house above it. In some cases, the original supporting construction was inadequate for the area climate, soil conditions or types. All or part of the original foundation rested on marginal land with a bearing capacity insufficient to hold up the building. In other cases, interference with the structural integrity of the foundation by unknowledgeable tradesmen, amateurs or do-it-yourselfers created the damage. Early warning signs include changes in the shape of walls, sinking, bulging or sagging, structural cracks, and discrepancies in the alignment of windows and doors. In all instances of underpinning necessity, professional assessment and design are required and the work must be done promptly before further damage or loss of investment can occur. Underpinning the foundation walls in all these cases stabilizes the home and gives increased strength to the building. Your home equity is thereby increased.


Why Underpinning

If you find there is not enough headroom when you walk down into your basement, then you need underpinning. The process involves extending the existing foundation vertically so you can add a below-grade floor of 100% usable living space. Basement underpinning can also add significant value to your home when it’s time to move because of the versatility a finished basement brings. Whether the space is a used a rec room or converting the basement into a rental unit to supplement your income, basement underpinning is a great investment.

What is Basement Underpinning?

Basement underpinning is not just for added space, but also strengthens your home’s existing foundation. City Wide Group uses a combination of concrete and piers, with the concrete adding to the overall durability of the foundation and the piers increasing the load it can withstand. Even if you have no desire to add extra space, it may be required to preserve the structural integrity of your home.


Signs your Home RequiresBasement Underpinning:

  • You find extensive cracking on the walls and moisture is seeping in from the underlying soil bed

  • You are adding new floors to the home and require the foundation to be reinforced to bear the added weight

  • Heat is escaping from the basement even after basic repairs with mortar and insulation

Why Barakah waterproofing?

Barakah is your trusted named for basement underpinning and are knowledgeable professionals do it right the first time. What we bring is decades of experience in completing successful underpinnings that have allowed countless Canadians to get more out of their home. 

Benefits of Basement Underpinning:

  • More living space

  • More head room

  • Reinforces your home’s foundation

  • Conserves energy through repaired insulation

  • Increases the value of your home

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